Help a child realise their potential

The Chandran Foundation is committed to building a society where children are defined by potential not circumstance. We exist to enhance young lives, provide access to education, and raise social equality. You can’t put a cost on a child’s life, so we make sure that money is no barrier to a child realising their full potential.


Breakfast should not be a luxury, yet almost 1 million children in London go to school hungry. Nutrition is essential for learning, enhancing cognitive function, attention spans, and readiness. CF supports children from early years, ensuring they are fuelled and ready to learn.


CF follows a child through their academic journey, with the aim of increasing access and achievement in education. CF supports a child’s unique path, tailoring support to enhance academic performance, whilst nurturing confidence and resilience; ensuring every child flourishes.

Summer Appeal

Children in London need you more than ever. Please spare 2 mins of your day to read our summer appeal. Help us raise £72,000 to support 120 children with tailored educational support and nutrition, for the 2024-25 academic year.

Silent auction and the Frankham lunch brochure

Explore our brochure showcasing the Silent Auction and Fundraising Lunch in support of The Chandran Foundation.