1. Please email our Operations Manager,, to share the needs of your pupils, and we’ll work together to start the tutoring process.

2. You can choose which pupils you would like to receive tutoring.

3. You choose how many programmes you would like to be run across the academic year and for how many students;

The pupils take part in our baseline assessments. We provide weekly feedback on attendance and engagement. We also run a final assessment at the end of the 10 sessions and share the progress report with you.

How our programmes work:

We deliver programmes of 10-11 tutoring sessions in English and/or Maths – for year 5 and/or year 6 students.

Each programme provides small group tuition for small, focused groups of students. All sessions are online via Google Meet.

Sessions last for 1 hour and run from 15.20-16.20, 15.30-16.30 or 15.40-16.40 – Monday to Friday. There are no sessions during the school holidays.

Our Operations Manager oversees the delivery of Tutoring and Tutor quality assurance, ensuring minimal additional workload for teachers and schools.

Our Team ensures the Tutor’s write detailed notes after each session. We also check into the Google Meet sessions to ensure Tutors are working effectively and the children are engaged.

Quotes from Headteachers: